News & Updates

News & Updates

Pastor’s Letter

Click here bmcnamarato read the most recent letter from our Pastor, Msgr. Brian McNamara, which includes updates, what’s going on, etc.

Remember: Together, we can do something beautiful for God!

El Salvador Mission Trip

El SalJune 25 to July 1

Be sure to follow our travelers led by Deacon Rich Maher on their Facebook page: Our Lady of Lourdes Mission Trip to El Salvador

Jubilee Year of Mercy

Our Parish Corporal Work Of Mercy for the month of June is Visit the Imprisoned (Help Them Change Their Lives).  New Hour for Women and Children – LI is an organization which mentors incarcerated women and supports their children.  Find out ways you can help by visiting their website:


The Book of Psalms contains many beautiful verses of mercy which we have seen these past few months.  The word “mercy” speaks about God’s love and care for us.  As we pray Psalm 25 during this month of June, let us come to truly believe in this great love and care that God provides for us.

Psalm 25: Remember Your Mercies (David Haas)

Refrain:  Remember your mercies, O Lord.

  1. Your ways, O Lord, make known to me, teach me your paths.  Guide me, teach me, for you are my Savior.
  2. Remember your compassion, Lord, and your kindness of old.  Remember this, and not my sins, in your goodness, O Lord.
  3. Good and just is the Lord, the sinners know his way.  He guides the meek to justice, he teaches the humble.