Ministry of Consolation

Ministry of Consolation

Dear Friends,

The Catholic funeral liturgy provides comfort and consolation to those mourning the death of one they have loved. We invite and encourage you to take an active part in this celebration by planning your loved one’s Mass of Christian Burial. In the Funeral Liturgy Readings and Music Booklet, you will find appropriate readings and music selections. We ask that you select one from each category which best expresses your sentiments at this time. You may communicate your selections to us directly or through the Funeral Director. A member of our Ministry of Consolation is also available to meet with you to help you in planning this Mass. It is our hope that as you enter into the planning process, you will experience deeper consolation and strength.

The Pastoral Team
Our Lady of Lourdes



To view a copy of our Funeral Liturgy Readings and Music booklet, please CLICK HERE.


CLICK HERE for selection sheet.